I'm so excited to hear your story, but here is mine real quick.

My name is Haley Pardun. I’m 26 years old, a wife, Jesus lover, I always have the travel bug, a book-worm, black coffee in the morning and craft beer at night type of gal, dog-mom of 2 huskies, and will be a mom in September of 2024.

About My Style

Haley Pardun Photography started in October of 2021! By the end of 2025, I will have 36 weddings under my belt.

When it comes to photography style, I feel like there are two categories - capture and editing. When I capture images, I focus on genuine expressions and candid moments. When I do posing prompts I thrive on getting laughs. When I edit I use warmth, earthy tones. I tend to tone down highlights and show more contrast. I love putting grain in my black and white shots to give a film vibe.

I am all about finding locations and setting up scenes that represent you. If you want a picnic, maybe some beer + pizza, a walk by the water, or you want to lean into the boho flower child vibe... I'M HERE FOR IT and I will take care of it! However, I am not a person who offers fog machines, dramatic back lighting, large party props, or cool tones. I totally respect those things and different styles, it is just not mine.

Personal Photos of My Life!